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6 Benefits Of Hiring Domestic Helper

A domestic helper provides house help services to a home or a family. Having someone to take care of your household chores allows you the opportunity to carry on with your other activities be it career advancement undertakings or just socializing with your friends. In addition, especially if you are getting the support from a reliable diligent person. Such is the case in Singapore, where many homes employ the services of domestic workers either fulltime or part time once in a week or twice in a week to take care of things around the house as the owners go on with their busy life undisturbed. Domestic service in Singapore is affordable. The country gets influx of women from Indonesian country and Philippines who are determined to make it and sustain their relatives back in their home countries.


A maids services are needed in child care such as baby-sitting, preparing meals, laundry services, answering calls, shopping king care of pet and other tasks that are all written in the contract stipulating the arrangement between the maid and the employer. These tasks differ depending on the employer’s needs and their priorities this is because families have different routines, which therefore mean that the house cleaner has to have multiple skills. Aside from educational requirement and qualifications domestic help also require one to be fit both physically as one may be called upon to take on energy demanding tasks and emotionally fit as one must be good in dealing with kids. These requirements have prompted the need of a maid agency service to vet the maids and provide them with TESDA Training which is a 3-day activity aimed at providing them with household skills and other safety measures. The household also trains the maid during early days of their employment. Many benefits accompany the hiring of domestic help here are some of the benefits.

• Cost
As aforementioned, the services rendered by domestic help are affordable. Depending on the type of employment, the experience and qualification requirement one can hire a part-time helper at a cost that ranges from $10 to $ 20 an hour and a full time helper can be hired for $ 500 a month. Employees can hire the house helps directly or through a maid agency service and are responsible for the maid’s other financial needs that range from insurance, food allowance, overtime pays and accommodation, to air fares. In addition, the government of Singapore expects the employer to pay a monthly fee (now $ 265) and a $ 5000 security bond. The employee is also welcome to offer bonuses to motivate the maid to work extra hard and in case the contract is expiring the employer pays for the transfer 

• Skills
House helpers come with skills and experience especially if they are transfer maids. Despite the notion that such house helps want to transfer because they have problems with their former bosses, the demand for their services is rising. Transfer house helps do not require training and strict supervision, as they know their way around the household. In addition, it takes long to hire a new maid from the agency and this comes with the agent fee commissions requirement both of which can be cut down by turning to transfer maids.


• Help during emergency 
For instance, you may be in your office when your child falls sick or you may be required to work till late sometimes; these are the kind of situations that calls for the need of a domestic help to jump in and take care of things, ensuring your children’s safety and at the Same time helping you meet the deadline at your work. You can always feel comfortable knowing your child is in safe hands and this makes your life much easier and stress-free. The much help more the opportunity you have in joining the labor force and ascending your career ladder.

• Affording you time with your family and with yourself
By carrying out household chores, a house helper gives you the helping hand you need to brush through your daily chores quickly. If you are the type that does not delegate everything to the maid and the sooner you finish the more the time you will have to be with your family and relax from stress at work as you get to bond with your children chat and develop the relationship you have always desired. You can engage in gaming activities with your children. Having a domestic helper to help you handle your housework is of much convenience in terms of advancing your family relationship and getting free time to be alone, the me time’, which allows you to work out your issues and do whatever you like. Single moms can take this opportunity to hit back into the dating pool, find a spouse, you can start writing that book, get that good hair style and go to your yoga classes. All in all your welfare is taken care off.


• Comprehensive care
While you are busy at your workplace, your child’s meal is not only prepared but also the domestic help ensures that healthy dietary requirements are met. They ensure that your child’s physical activities are adhered to by accompanying them to play grounds and by doing so also ensuring, they are safe. These afford you the opportunity to turn your attention to other issues such as increasing your income and savings to afford your family a better and easier life. In addition, a house helper can give your house a blitz, a much thorough cleaning everyday than you can do when you are in a rush to head for work. You will only be able to clean you house well during weekends if you are always working weekdays but a house helper will do it every day and professionally.

• Reliability and expertise
House cleaners are efficient and can be relied upon to do their work according to the contract requirement. The additional orientation the family gives them during the start of their employment helps them fit in. in addition you get the opportunity to learn their native language too that is Tagalog, mandarin etc.

The bottom-line, a domestic help will run errands for you and help make your life easier. At an affordable fee you can always get all the help you want.




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