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9 Useful Home Cleaning Tips

 Researchers have established that, as dirt and clutter in our homes mounts, so does our stress level. Piles of laundry, laundry bin overflow and endless to-do lists do not only worry you about getting the house clean and organized but reflects in your general life. Keeping your house in a spic and span condition will help you to experience a sense of calmness. The simple act of regularly cleaning your house can ward off a myriad of illnesses. While it may not be difficult to keep your home clean, it will require a fair amount of consistency and commitment. The following nine tips will assist to make your cleaning less painful and more enjoyable.


1. Have a Cleaning a Schedule

Having a cleaning schedule is the best way to have consistency in your cleaning. The weekend is the ideal time for deep cleaning especially if you work during the week. To make the cleaning easy, you can spread the chores over several days of the week. For example, you can schedule the cleaning of your bedroom and kids' bedroom on Tuesday, dining and living room on Saturday, garage and toilet on Sunday. Your schedule will depend on how you want to handle your tasks. Remember the more you leave things to pile up, the more you have to do harder tasks next time.

2. Get Organized

Cleaning a disorganized house is almost impossible. Even if you clean under the clutter, you won't achieve desired results. Clutter will also waste your cleaning time. De clutter on a daily basis. Pick up things and put them in the right place or throw them away. Large boxes will help you organize the clutter. Have the boxes labeled so that you will know which clutter to keep and which clutter you will throw. It is natural to have occasional spills. Be sure to keep cleaning tools and products where you can get them easily. The reason cleaning is not fun is because we waste considerable time rounding up things needed for cleaning. Bathroom cleaners are better kept under the sink. Keep furniture polish and dust rags in your room. Secure your duster, rags and mops in one place.

3. Do Small Tasks

Do small tasks whenever you can. It will make your cleaning manageable. For example, you can organize and clean the dining table immediately after the meals, and do the dishes right after the meals. Clean the toothpaste from the bathroom sink immediately after brushing your teeth. You can also consider washing the bathroom after a bath.  The small tasks can make a huge difference in the general condition of your home. You can wipe your house as you relax and listen to music. It will make it house look better. The small chores like making your bed after waking up can change how things look in your home. It feels a lot better to come home after work and find everything organized.

Cleaning Tips

4. Clean the Bathroom and Toilet

There are several bacteria sitting in our bathrooms and toilets, which is why a clean bathroom is one of the best ways to protect your family from illnesses. You can have it deep cleaned once in a week. Keep the shower curtain of the bathroom clean by washing it in white vinegar. Use lemon to wipe the bathroom door. It will not only remove build ups but will keep them at bay for a little longer. After you have cleaned the bathroom, have the toilet cleaned. Pour the bleaching agents and antibacterial products into the bowl and leave them to soak. While soaking, clean the seat and the outside of the bowl with antibacterial products then wipe dry with a piece of clean cloth. Finally, scrub the bowl and finish.

5. Carry Microfiber Clothes

When cleaning, remember to carry microfiber clothes. The little clothes are handy for getting dust and particles up quickly and in an almost effortless way. Microfibers generate static energy which attracts all the dust particles and when you combine with water, you get the cleaning done extremely well. When cleaning, it is good to clean from top to bottom. Start by checking whether the corner of your ceiling has any spider webs or any build up, and clean your windows from top to bottom. A top to bottom approach will eliminate a dirty floor from the falling dust particles.

6. Remove Spots

If you have an old toothbrush, you can put it to good use. It can be of assistance when removing stains in your sink and spots your fingers can't. You can rub toothpaste on black skid marks on your linoleum flooring to make cleaning easier. If you have got gum stuck in the carpet, you can use ice to freeze it as much as you can, then use a dull knife blade to pluck it off.

Home Cleaning Tips

7. Get Rid of Odours

Awful odours can make the house inhabitable. Some odours won't be removed matter the amount of cleaning you do. To remove the smells that have been lingering for months, take vinegar and pour it in a bowl. Let it sit overnight in the stinking place, It will remove the unpleasant smell. To remove odour from the garbage can sprinkle a little borax at the bottom of the can. Vinegar can also do.

8. Use the Dishwater to Clean other things

You can use the dishwasher to clean other things apart from the dishes. You can use it to clean the light fixtures, air ducts, refrigerator drawers, and even the window blinds. It will relieve you the hand wash. To make your dishwater cleaner, add a tablespoon of vinegar to the dishwashing detergent. It cuts the grease and makes the dishes spotless clean.

9. Involve Everyone

Teach your family to clean. There is no reason why you should clean the house all by yourself whereas everyone in the house was responsible for the mess. Cleaning becomes less tiring and more enjoyable when you involve everyone. Set a day preferably on the weekends for general cleaning. The is no better way to train your children to grow up to responsible adults than involving them in your cleaning schedules.



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