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Attending to all your daily house chores can be challenging, especially if you have other demanding tasks. That is why; it’s advisable to hire someone to help you with the cleaning chores. Laundry services, Part-time maid services, carpet cleaning, painting and house renovation are some of the services you can get them done professionally in the least time possible. Whether you are spending much of your time in your office, business firm or anywhere apart from your residence; it’s important to leave your home clean and presentable. Here in Singapore, there are many companies offering these cleaning services. All you need to do is to choose the best one that can suit your needs fully.

Absolute Solutions Services

Choosing the best Cleaning Company

Before you make up your mind on which company to choose, there are some important factors you need to consider.

For you to receive quality services, you must hire qualified servicemen from a reputable company with top-notch skills and first-hand expertise. Such companies understand the needs of their clients and treat them with a touch of modesty. As part of being professional in their line of duty, the company should be time conscious, trustworthy and reliable in all its dealings.


The cleaning company should be able to extend their services to meet the demands of the client. A company that is flexible in service delivery is quite efficient; since you wouldn’t have to hire two different teams just to work on one general piece of work. For example: hiring one team to do the carpet cleaning, another team for Aircon servicing and a different one to do house renovation. This is not only cumbersome but also costly in the long run.

Customer service

Customer satisfaction is one important aspect in every business set-up. Your cleaning company should put your needs first before anything else. All the way from customer support personnel to the skill persons in the field; there should be a friendly relationship between the employees and the clients to get the work done smoothly.

Once you can identify a cleaning company basing on the above factors, you are good to go. That said, Absolute solutions Singapore is one of the exclusive cleaning companies in and around Singapore. It has stood the test of time for many years offering the best of services to its customers.

Absolute Solutions Services

Here are some of the cleaning services you will find with Absolute Solutions Singapore.

Cleaning services

This ranges from the ordinary home cleaning chores: dish washing, house cleaning to classical home makeover and maintenance. In your office, you can hire a professional to take care of the office tidiness and cleaning chores. To achieve this; you may hire a part-time maid as a home solution to your cleaning services or the Aircon cleaning and service experts for both your home and office solutions.

Part-time maid

A part-time maid is a better version of you when it comes to the cleaning chores. With the skills on hand, you can entrust her with all the home cleaning tasks. All our maids are competent, trustworthy with a good reputation in their line of duty. Depending on your time schedule, you’ll have a part-time maid anytime (within the working hours) you want her to provide the cleaning service.
You don’t need to stress yourself up budgeting for the cleaning tools and products since all these have already been taken care of. With the busy and hectic lifestyle, getting your house in the appropriate order could be difficult; here, our part-time maids will help get your property back on track with the greatest of appearance. As a matter of safety and convenience, you should choose a professional company with excellent cleaning skills in terms of chemical used to avoid worries concerning your health.

Aircon services

Air conditioning is more than a necessity in every living space. It plays a great role since it keeps you comfortable within a given environmental setting. Clogging of the air conditioning system is one of the common challenges you can easily get rid of. All you can do is to hire the professionals with appropriate skills to perform regular check up and cleaning of filters. Servicing the air conditioning unit in your home, office or personal vehicle might be a little bit costly; however, the whole process is worth the investment. Do not allow yourself to incur unnecessary breakdown costs of your air conditioner yet you can prevent all these by proper servicing. Once you keep your air-conditioner in the best working conditions; you are likely to cut off the maintenance fee for clogged/ dirty filters, overheating among others.

Absolute Solutions Services

Air-conditioning Maintenance services

While keeping your air conditioner working optimally, you also need to make sure its lifespan is not compromised in the course of service. The blower wheel, drain pan, piping, filters and fan blade should be kept clean, checked and replaced if necessary.
The fan coil and outdoor condenser should be cleaned up on a regular basis. The drainage pipes need to be drained to avoid clogging. This boosts fresh and healthier air supply while improving the unit efficiency. In case of unfriendly noise from the unit, it’s important to do some troubleshooting diagnostics. This should be done by an expert to avoid further damage if any.
Advanced Aircon cleaning services; this involves the use of chemicals to clean the coil and condenser of the unit. If the air conditioner has been dormant for a while or has not been cleaned up for quite a long time; it’s advisable to take this cleaning procedure. Unlike the ordinary cleaning, the use of cleaning chemicals will improve on the outer appearance and efficiency at large.

Carpet cleaning

From residential to the commercial carpet cleaning; this is one the most demanding cleaning services. Carpet cleaning needs: the right skills, tools and cleaning products to call it a success without damaging or worsening the state of the carpet. Other services include laundry pickup delivery, curtain cleaning, and Sofa mattress cleaning. Apart from the regular cleaning services, maintenance and renovation; residential and commercial interior designs are also offered by the absolute Solutions team.

In conclusion

In order to keep your home or office tidy even with the busy schedule and cumbersome task you need to take a further step. Hire the right professionals to ease your busy life while providing the best of services in your home or office.



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