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How To Arrange A Wardrobe With Many Clothes?

Have you every had so many clothes in your closet that they were hanging from both sides of the doors and had even spilled into the bedroom and were piled on the dresser? Then you need help! This is a challenging but common dilemma regarding clothes! One of the ways to keep wardrobes looking orderly and neat is to properly organize closet hangers. Sorting these properly can also create more space in the closet.


These organizing tips for managing your clothes will assist you in getting this excess clothes problem under control. If you are experiencing the situation I just mentioned, you no doubt have too many clothes. Are you tired of your clothes and continue to buy more but seldom get rid of any? Wow, many of us can relate to that!

If you have expensive clothes, you may feel hesitant to give them to charity because you spent so much for them. However, remember that many people benefit when giving to charitable organizations. You might also consider giving your clothes to a friend or relative that would love to have them. Professional business style clothing can be donated to Dress for Success.

There are also consignment stores that will love to have your nice clothing. You will get some money for them and it will make room for the clothes you really wear and love.

Before you go shopping for more clothes, go "shopping" in your closet. Grab an armful of clothes that you haven't worn for a long time and try them on in front of a full-length mirror. Put the ones you would want to "buy" again back into circulation and donate the rest. You might even find a piece of clothing you just love and had forgotten you even owned!

The clothes you keep must fit or not need major alterations unless you are willing to spend the time and effort to get the work done. This process works because you are dealing with only a few items of clothing at a time--not your entire closet. Otherwise, the decisions can become overwhelming.


Use this organizing tip over and over until your clothes are under control, and you are happy with your wardrobe. This is an on-going process but will get easier as you make more thoughtful decisions regarding your clothes. A rule of thumb when buying clothes is to get rid of one item when you bring a new one into the house!

Organizing your clothes in your closet will help you see what you have on a daily basis and will make it easier to get dressed each day. Hang clothes by category, shelve clothes by category and arrange clothes by color. Does that make sense? Yes, it does. Your closet will look great!

Most damage to hangers are hardly visible, much less in the dark. Hangers need to be taken out of the closet and laid out to see which are still in good condition and which need to be disposed. Rusty, splintered and broken hangers will damage clothing so these need to be thrown out. Keeping these hangers also takes up space in the closet.

If given a choice, it is best to eliminate the conventional wire hangers because these bend easily, are more likely to accumulate rust and get interwoven with other hangers. It would be better to replace these with acrylic plastic, thin wood or metal alloy.

The remainder is to be grouped together by type. Grouping like hangers allows better survey of the different purpose each group provides and which other varieties still need to be purchased. In setting them back in the closet, arranging them by type also creates a more organized look for the set of clothes that they hold. After getting a better look at the remaining stock, planning what to purchase comes next.

Arrange Wardrobe

Different types of closet hangers should be used for different clothing to protect garments from damage while not even in use. A round shouldered type will prevent dimples on shirts and blouses while a coat hanger will support the weight and preserve the form of jackets and suits. One with clips is best for skirts while there are specially designed varieties such as a space-saving two-piece set where two garments can be hung.

It is best to look for additional hangers at specialty stores because of the diversity of their collection. Specialty stores will also understand garments better and are more likely to provide quality varieties. There are a lot of frustrating things that can happen to your wardrobe. Protect your investment and save yourself the hassle and time getting ready in the mornings by following these tips for keeping clothing safe and ready to wear in the closet.

1) Using cedar products, like cedar hangers, in your closet can save your clothes from musty odors, mildew, and damage from pests. This highly beneficial wood deodorizes the air around it. It doesn't just cover up odors like potpourri and sprays. Cedar absorbs moisture from the air, which helps to prevent mold and mildew forming on your clothes. This is so useful, especially in the winter months, when wet boots and damp coats may go back into the closet. Cedar also repels moths, silverfish, cockroaches, and more insects that can get into your closet, lay eggs, and damage clothing.

2) Avoid metals that can stain or damage clothing. The typical wire hangers, like the ones you get at the cleaners, have sharp points that can snag and tear clothing. They can also rust if they're around humidity and leave stains on your clothes. They are not the strongest of hangers and can bend under the weight of coats and suits, causing them to slip off and end up crumpled in the floor. Watch out for hangers that come with cheap metal parts. Look for polished chrome or brass that is free of snag points. Any clips should be padded and have rounded edges to protect your clothes.

3) Choose clothes hangers that are the right size for your clothes. There are tiny infant hangers, petite hangers, children's hangers, and even extra large hangers that are each the right size for certain items of clothing. Using ones that are too big can stretch necks and pucker shoulders, ruining the clothes that you've invested in. For coats and suits, you should use curved, heavy duty coat hangers or wood hangers that are designed to help them keep their shape. This type of clothes hanger is made to support heavy weights and keep suits wrinkle free.



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