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Best Inverter Air Conditioner Brand

The lone city and island of Singapore endures overbearing heat and temperatures. There is utterly an increasing importance and demand for good air conditioners as well. Singapore people are often confused which brand of air conditioner they should invest in. Basically they are three main brands of air conditioners in Singapore. To be honest the three Asian brands Mitsubishi, Daikin and Panasonic have successfully scaled the heights of greatness as compared to their counterpart’s brands from Europe and America. Nonetheless, here is a good and honest comparison of the three operating brands and their corresponding features.

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Panasonic is among the emerging inverter air conditioner brands. Panasonic is one of the leading brands in Singapore mainly because it is doing perfectly well nowadays and slowly moving from its declining camcorder and TV segment which has been taken over by Samsung and Sony. Panasonic air conditioners are well known in Singapore because of their versatility and smartness.

They have unique features that enable them to switch to different temperatures. Taking a clue from the Indian companies likes the Voltas and Videocon they have become very suitable for different climatic conditions along with their dehumidifier modes. Armed with these benefits they are very helpful to the people of Singapore.

They are integrated with an inverter technology that helps in minimizing their energy usage efficiently. This is made possible through maintaining the compressor speed, temperature and its smart monitoring system.

Its units are affordable and they can easily be found in the market. There are also some other important features that are offered by Panasonic such as bacterial filters, washable air filters, blue fin technology ,R410 refrigerant system and also the 24 hours mode. These aspects are added into Panasonic air conditioners in order to improve their overall use. Panasonic air conditioners are quiet and many Singaporean people prefer them because of this feature. Panasonic air conditioners comes with a washable air filter. This filter should be cleaned regularly to avoid any microbial build ups. Some air filters are integrated with antibacterial properties; so, you don’t have to be bothered about their quality because you are able to use your Panasonic air conditioner without any hassle.

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Mitsubishi is famous for cars and gadgets making and for some time now they have been leading in the field of electronics appliances like the inverter air conditioner. Some experts believe that this is the best brand for air conditioning in Singapore. There are many considerable products that are offered by this brand and all of them can satisfy the people of Singapore needs without encountering issues. The arresting characteristic of Mitsubishi products is the aspects of energy efficiency, smooth operation as well as reliability. All these qualities can be magnificently witnessed in the case of the Mitsubishi inverter air conditioner. Their AC peripherals are machines which have glossy and marvellous designs. On the other hand they run smoothly and they are eco-friendly. This feature shy have made Mitsubishi air conditioners more popular as compared to Panasonic.

Here are some characteristics that you can enjoy from this device:


this helps you manage the speed of your unit with lots of ease. Many people prefer Mitsubishi air conditioners because of their flexibility. All customers have a chance to choose the settings from which they feel comfortable. It is recommended that you set up the compressor before switching on the air conditioner unit.


Mitsubishi make their product from high quality products. This makes their products durable thus they can be used for a long time. This implies that, you don’t have to replace your air conditioner unit too often this helps consumers to cut down their maintenance and replacement costs


Mitsubishi is well known for making products that are energy efficient. Almost all Mitsubishi products are energy efficient. An energy saving air conditioner is attractive from the standpoint of the client, this is because it translates into lower electricity bills. From a societal stand point it is also attractive when used on a mass scale this is because it translates into energy conservation and less harmful effects on the planet. Mitsubishi air conditioners guarantees superior performance without excluding maximum control of operation frequency. This ensures maximum comfort while consuming less energy.

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As it goes, Daikin is the best brand to pick in the entire list; when it comes to inverter air conditioners in Singapore. The reason is simple, unlike the other two players, Daikin has built its prominence exclusively around heating, ventilation and cooling equipment’s for homes and offices as well. Daikin Company has established itself and built its reputation through providing excellent products and back up services for clients who believe in their products. From households, factories to offices.

Therefore, Daikin is regarded as the best player in this sector. Daikin's air conditioners are eco-friendly. It is very popular among many people in Singapore because there is an option for all customers to choose from an inverter to non-inverter air conditioners units. All devices are designed from high quality materials which makes them durable.

Daikin air conditioner has received numerous awards in Singapore. This shows that this product is quite popular. Daikin Company has simple products that are easy to use and they require minimal maintenance. The Daikin ensemble prides in quite a range of products. They are also air conditioners that have been designed in accordance to customer specifications so as to suits different needs and requirements of corporate, households and industrial demands.

Daikin has also built a good, highly established competent sales and maintenance team; which is doing an excellent job to the people of Singapore. Also, there is an aspect of consistency and authenticity in facilities and services as well. These are some of the attributes which have made Daikin a house hold name in the field of inverter air conditioners in Singapore.

Mitsubishi, Daikin, Panasonic are the recommended brands that you should consider when buying an inverter air conditioner in Singapore. These brands are very popular in Singapore because of their benefits and salient features.



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