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Common Aircon Problem & How To Fix It?

Air Conditioners always develop some or the other issues on long run. In such cases, one will not be able to enjoy the air-conditioner full functioning. Specially during hot seasons.

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Here are few most commonly faced air-con problems

Air Con Unit does not turn on

Sometimes, air conditioner units does not turn on even when the unit is connected to power. This situation occurs when the wires are broken or burnt. So the power will not be connected to the unit. In some cases, the power will not supply when the thermostat or the transformer is not functioning properly.

To fix this problem

It is always best and recommended to hire a professional technician to check the unit and fix the problem. One can detect that the problem is with the wires when the switch turns off automatically. In some cases, the unit takes time for switching on. When one observers that the switch is off, then contact a technician or specialist and get the unit repaired to avoid problems.

Air-Con unit leakage

When there is water leakage from the unit, it is a clear indication that the unit has leakage. If immediately this is not fixed, it will affect the cooling fins and heating fins. The unit will be covered by mold and this makes the Air- Con unit ineffective.

To fix this leakage
The problem will be due to the defect in condensation pan or if the drain is broken leakage occurs. When a professional is hired, he will check the Air-Con unit and they will come up with perfect solution and diagnose it.

Power supplies to the unit, but does not function

This is another common problem, where the unit is switched on but does not cool or heat the room. This problem can be caused due to different problems like there may be defect in the grill or the refrigerant. If the refrigerant has a defect, then the unit will not be able to supply adequate cooling to the room. If the grill is blocked due to dirt, and it is not cleaned for long time then the unit will not function.

To Fix this problem

It is best to get the unit checked by an expert, so that he will diagnose the unit and suggest solutions to fix this which can be involving the diagnose of ventilation and heating system. If the refrigerant has a defect then the spare parts must be replaced and in such cases genuine and original parts must be placed. When the grill is the cause for the improper functioning, then the grill must be cleaned and this will fix the issue.

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External fan defect and the unit fails to work

The external fan will remove the heat from the room and helps in maintaining the room temperature. It will release the heat from the room to the atmosphere. The external fan will not function properly if, motor has a fault or the capacitor is not working as expected.

To Fix

In this case, immediately the unit has to be checked by the expert and have to be replaced. Else there is chance that the whole external unit gets damaged.

Unexpected noise from the Air-Con Unit

In few occasions, the air-conditioner will be functioning effectively, but there will be irritating and strange noise when it is functioning. This noise can be rattling noise. This noise produced will be really distracting when the unit is in office or bedroom. Generally, this kind of noise is observed when the unit is switched on or after short time after the unit is on or when it is in running condition. This noise can be due to the worn fan belt. The belt might be worn as the unit is used continuously or for long time. Noise is sometimes produced due to rust formation in different parts of the unit.

To fix this irritating sound

The fan belt must be replaced and this can be done only by an expert. He will look it the belt I worn or the noise is because of rust. If the belt is worn, then the expert will look at what belt is needed and he will replace it.

Sensor Problem

In some cases, the thermostat sensor will not be functioning properly. The main function of this sensor is that it will be measuring the air temperature of the air which is entering the coil. When the sensor does not function properly then the unit works irregularly. This will be really irritating for the users.

To Fix sensor problem

Get the sensor checked by the expert and then place it in its position. The senor must be placed in its original position so that it will function properly.

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Pungent and Bad smell

This is another common Air-Conditioner problem which is faced by many users. Bad odor is reported in the room. This occurs when the air-con is being used continuously. The unit is on cooling and heating. With this the unit will observe moisture and this will result in odd smell.

To fix pungent smell

The unit must evaporate the water properly, then the moisture will not be formed and the odor will not be created. The odor can be removed with soap water which have to be poured in the drain line. With this the moisture with get drained.

Refrigerant leakage

In some cases, the air-conditioner will leak or sometimes while installing the unit might have not been installed properly and the unit will be running on the low refrigerant.

To fix

The best way to fix this refrigerant leakage is that to call the professionals. It will be really risky if this problem is fixed by the users itself.

Installation Problems

Installation is the most crucial part in any air-conditioner. The air-con may be too big or really small for the room which is installed. Before purchasing a unit, one must make sure that the unit is perfect for the room

To fix this

Select the perfect unit for the room and take advice of the expert while purchasing the air-conditioner. The installation must be done perfectly, to avoid noise and other issues. This will save money and time.



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