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How To Install Aircon For 4 Bedroom HDB

When you realize that you need to install an air conditioning, sometimes it may shock you if you're not prepared. If you have one, you may opt to repair it, but sometimes it may be out of the question. In such a situation, you have to think and act quickly to ensure that you don't have when the temperature rises.

Aircon Installation for HDB

How To Install Aircon For 4 Bedroom HDB


When you get the final estimate for an air conditioning install, it is time to start figuring out how to pay for it. Talk to the company about financing options. Some will begin work with just a down payment and allow you to make monthly payments until everything is paid off. Just like you compared the estimates, compare the financing options to help you choose the best company.

Some manufacturers will offer bonuses or incentives for purchasing their product. Look into all of these options and find out whether or not this will make a difference in the brand that you purchase. Remember that it is important that you choose the right size equipment to efficiently cool your home. Don't try to save money by choosing a smaller unit. It could cost you more in the long run.


Once you have decided on a date for the air conditioning install and you have the right equipment lined You want to let him or her in the house and make sure that they have access to everything they will need. Check with the company to see if you can leave the house while the work is being done or you need to stay there. Different companies have different policies.


You need to save yourself from hassle in the future by looking into this very essential factor. Make sure that the contractor that you have chosen is properly licensed. But how do you know that? You can check with the Better Business Bureau where you can obtain useful information about a given company. Without proper licensing, you have no guarantee about the quality of the job offered by your contractor.

Aircon Installation for HDB

Skills and Equipment

Installing heating and air conditioning systems for homes and offices is a technical job. Hence, the contractors must have enough expertise and knowledge on this kind of service before they can perform it well. Also, they need to be properly equipped with tools that they will use throughout the entire process.

Area of Specialization

There are a lot of HVAC contractors out there but only a few can deliver specialized services on installation of heating and cooling systems. Choose the ones that specialize in this kind of service over those that offer only generic maintenance or replacement services.


A highly esteemed company with a great reputation is a very important factor to consider when deciding on which heating and air conditioning contractor to choose. When evaluating a contractor’s reputation, take into account their quality of the services along with reviews on their customer service and general business performance.

Client Feedback

This is the truest way to measure and assess the quality of a contractor’s service. You can read testimonials or feedback from clients on their website. But if you want to obtain unbiased review, make sure to look at review sites that where you can get an honest review about these services.


This is one of the trickiest factors to consider when choosing a contractor to install your heating and air conditioning system at home. Some would place it first on the list of factors to consider, particularly those with a limited budget. But this is a practical factor that to look into because it also speaks of the value of the services offered by your chosen contractor.

The prices they quote should be reasonable enough when compared to the quality of their services and the experience of the service provider. In the end , the quality of the job will determine whether it was a good investment or not.

Aircon Installation for HDB

When the technician announces that you need an air conditioning install, you may have a tough time removing the look of shock from your face. You instantly start calculating the cost in your head. You think about the money you need to spend, when you are going to have it done and what the consequences will be if you forego the new equipment. Before you panic and start planning to move out, take a step back from the situation and start planning.

Free Estimates

If an HVAC technician came to the house in hopes of repairing the equipment, he may have found that new equipment is your only alternative. Before the technician leaves your home, find out if he can give you a free estimate on an air conditioning install. Some of the cost will depend on the type of system that you choose, so the numbers may not be completely accurate. However, it will give you a ballpark idea of how much the entire thing is going to cost.
If you need some help making a decision, take your home’s dimensions to a specialist and see what they have to recommend. Naturally, a salesman is going to try to get you to buy a more expensive system than you need, but it can give you an idea and a jumping off point. If you’ve done some research on your own, you’ll probably have an idea about how much you want to spend, anyway. Give them your budget considerations and they’ll be able to find something that fits your needs.

Installation is cheaper if you hire an outside contractor

Often, air conditioning installation is cheaper if you hire an outside contractor to do it rather than the retailer themselves. This isn’t always the case, however, and sometimes the retailer will offer special warranties that will be lost if you do the installing yourself or have another contractor perform the duties. Be wary of this as you make the decision on which way to go.

Call around and get some quotes

If you do want to go with an independent contractor, call around and get some quotes. Don’t make the ultimate decision solely on price, however. Check on each contractor’s reputation in the community and make sure they are delivering a quality service. Once you have both price quotes and reputation checks Computer Technology , you can make a much more informed decision.

Many companies will meet with you to talk about the different type of AC equipment you want and need free of charge. Take advantage of this opportunity. If more than one company in your local area has this type of policy, call for more that one appointment. The more information you have, the better you will feel.



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