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Ideal Aircon Temperature To Save Money

Aircon is one the most important appliance for people in Singapore. Without Aircon, it may get very difficult for people to have a comfortable life in this place. I also wonder how people would have been living here when Aircon was not available. Well, let’s not talk about that because now a days almost everyone in Singapore that has enough money to afford an Aircon they get it installed in their house for a comfortable living. But when people buy the Aircon them they realize they need to give a lot of money in the electricity as well. That is true because operating an Aircon is not an easy job. It requires a lot of electricity and that takes a lot of money as well from your pocket.


But thankfully there are several tips that can help you save money while using Aircon and choosing a right Aircon temperature is one of those method. If you can choose right Aircon temperature, then you can have a comfortable life and you can save money as well. but the biggest question still remain unchanged what is the ideal Aircon temperature to save money. Well the answer is quite simple, if you can keep it above 24 and below 28 then that would be ideal temperature for you. Under this Aircon temperature it will consume bare minimum electricity and it will save your money in several other ways as well. So, if you want to save money and you still want to use Aircon, then make sure your keep your Aircon temperature between 24 to 28 degree Celsius.

Here you may also claim that this temperature may not be suitable enough for you and you may feel hotter with it, then let me correct you for that. In fact, this is the best temperature for your body and in this temperature neither you will feel colder nor you will feel hotter. That means it will be perfect temperature for you and your body will perform it its optimum level. This is not just me but many energy experts also have the same opinion and they also said the same thing for it. Because of these results many organization also prefer to set the temperature of their office between these numbers and they do get better results as well. So, you can also try the same and you may get better result.


As far as saving of money is concerned by this Aircon temperature, it directly saves your money by reducing your electricity bill. As per various researches if you increase the temperature by one degree, then you may reduce the electricity uses between 5 to 15%. That number may vary from various situation, but one thing is certain that it will save a lot of money for you. So, I would recommend you try this tip and increase your Aircon temperature by few degrees. That will not do any harm to you and you would be able to have a more comfortable working place as well. Here, you need to remember one simple thing that this number of 5 to 15% may vary depending on various situation and if you set your Aircon temperature 4 degree higher than your usual setting, then chances are high you would be able to save 20% electricity. It may not sound much in once, but when you see your monthly bill, then it definitely makes a big difference.

This was the direct saving of money by increasing the temperature, but that is not the only way of saving money. Along with that direct saving you get indirect saving as well. You must be wondering how and let me explain that for you. If you increase Aircon temperature few degree higher, then the cut off temperature will be more and your Aircon compressor will need to work less for the cooling. Also, it will not have much load so your Aircon will not have higher load on it and its run time will decrease by 20% or more. That may vary depending on the temperature that you fixed but one thing is certain it will have lesser load and that will result into lesser damage as well. That also means you would not have to pay a lot of money to Aircon expert in regular manner. This reduction of expenses will affect overall such as filter changing time, coolant loss and other factors. I don’t have to explain that Aircon maintenance is never cheap and many times you may need to pay a lot of money for these things. But with a minor change you can save a lot of money in easy ways and that will defiantly be a good idea for you.


It also increases the productivity of your people. I know this may sound surprising or non-believing fact to you, but science already proved it in many ways. Let me explain it to you with one example. If you set the Aircon temperature at a very low number, then it will make various changes in your body and you may need to go for pee more often. When people go for urination, it not only distracts their mind from the current work, but sometime they get involved in other chat as well. I am not suggesting people should not do these basic things, but if you can maintain the temperature at an optimum level, then this will remain in control and people will not feel like urinating more often. That will increase the productivity of each individual and it will help the organization to save money by having more work from their workers.

So, if you want to save money while using Aircon, then I would suggest you to set the Aircon temperature between 24 to 28 degree Celsius. That is the ideal temperature for that and if you will do it, then you would be able to get all the benefits with it. And if you are unhappy with the current Aircon bill, then you should try changing Aircon temperature as I suggested and chances are high you would get the required results with it.



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