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Infographic - How To Protect Yourself From Haze?

5 Ways Aircon Can Protect You From The Unhealthy Haze Level

If you are looking for tips on how to deal with the unhealthy haze situation in Singapore, then you have come to the right place. This situation is getting worse with each passing day. This is to such an extent that the Pollutant Standard Index reading (abbreviated as PSI) rose to 155. This is 50 percent more than unhealthy pollution levels set at PSI 100 and over.

What is more, the forest fires raging in the Sumatra Islands in Indonesia have not let up yet. This dry and hot climatic spell may even peak in the coming weeks. This means that you need to look for ways to protect yourself from the Singapore haze situation.

Although the haze and the smoke- filled air may not affect your long term health condition, it is still uncomfortable and irritating. The very young, the very old and those with heart and lung diseases are also at risk of developing further complications.

Seeing as how the haze will affect most people in Singapore, you need to use your aircon to get additional protect. Read on to discover how the aircon unit can protect you from the unhealthy haze situation in Singapore:

1. Protection from Exposure

You need aircon to avoid exposure to Singapore haze. This is the best thing about the aircon unit. So long as you do not smoke where the aircon is, you will be protected from further exposure. This is because smoking will create secondary smoke that the aircon unit cannot protect you. You can also exercise at home where the aircon is located to avoid the haze outside. Aerobic activities done away from the aircon unit will cause you to suck pollutants deep in to your lungs.

2. Keeps the Air Clean

Aircon is designed to clean air of all pollutants and haze. Once you switch in on, you will start getting clean and fresh air away from the haze. However, ensure that the air filter has been cleaned. You can also suitable particulate air filters on your aircon to get cleaner air and eliminate haze from your enclosed spaces.

3. Improves Comfort Levels

Once you switch on the aircon, your home or office will be cleared of every trace of Singapore haze. You can get the filters cleaned, unclogged and operating efficiently. This helps to keep your spaces free of haze while saving energy and power as well.

4. Improves Your Overall Performance

The improved comfort levels mean that you can work, study, cook and do anything else you wish comfortably. Therefore, the aircon unit also increases your performance while other people are put done by the haze.

So long as the air conditioning is good and well maintained, it will improve and renew the quality of air around you so that you do not worry about the unhealthy haze situation in Singapore.

5. Increases Visibility

Finally, haze in Singapore makes it harder for people to see clearly. However, when you use an aircon system, the haze will be eliminated. Therefore, you should be able to see clearly after some time. This is because aircon fixes visibility issues that arise from haze.



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