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Pros & Cons On Using Newspaper To Clean Windows

Cleaning your glass windows could be the most tedious job for all the people and that is why many people try to avoid it as much as possible. But when they do the cleaning, then most of the people prefer to use newspaper for windows cleaning. They all use newspaper for the windows cleaning assuming it is the best solution for this particular work. Well, I won’t have any denial for same, but if you are assuming this windows cleaning method does not have any drawback in it, then you are very much wrong about it. There could be so many pros and cons on using newspaper to clean windows and I am about to mention some of those pros and cons with you below in this article.


Pros on using newspaper for windows cleaning
It is cheap:

We all try to reduce the cost of everything and there is nothing wrong in that. If you will see the cost of the newspaper, then it could be as less as free. You don’t need to use a fresh newspaper for windows cleaning and if you will use one that is older than a week or two, then also it will for fine for you. Even if you use a new one, then it will be not costly at all and compared to the cost of tissue paper or other dusting clothes, it will be negligible to you.

Easily available:

To get a newspaper for windows cleaning ,you don’t need to run to the market. Nor you need to work really hard to get it from any special place. You can find it in your home or in your office and you can use that easily. Also, you can get it in bulk quantity so you can use it as much as you want and you don’t have to worry about anything while using it. So, if we say easy availability of the cleaning material is a great benefit of using newspaper for windows cleaning then it will be not wrong in any ways.

Clean Window

Ink work as sandpaper:

Many experts and even windows cleaning contractors believe that the ink of newspaper work as a sandpaper on the glass. This ink work as a soft sand paper that remove all the dust, dirt and minor stains from it without having any kind of complications in it. Some people also claim that Morden day inks are based on the vegetable oil and that may not be as good in windows cleaning as old day inks were, however, they do not have any disagreement that it work as sandpaper on glass and that is why it does better cleaning as well.

Leaves no streaks:

If you use cloth or other things for windows cleaning then it leaves a streak behind and that does not give you the feeling of clean glass. However, this kind of limitation or issues are not there with newspaper and it never leaves any kind of streak or mark in the cleaning process. Even if you use other kind of papers like tissue or blank paper, then those papers might leave a trail and that is one more reason experts love using newspaper for windows cleaning compared to any other solution.

Cons on using newspaper for windows cleaning
Ink on your hand:

The biggest drawback of using newspaper for windows cleaning is that it can make your hand dirty and stained with ink. Many time when you clean the windows using this particular option, then you see a lot of ink stain on your hands or in your fingers. Sometime you need to wait for few days to get it cleaned from your hand after windows cleaning. For some people it can give a reaction as well and you may face irritation and itching in your hand. To avoid these issues, you can simply use some gloves while cleaning your windows and you can get good result for same with great comfort.

Newspaper To Clean Windows

Do not work with stains:

If you have some kind of serious stains in your glass, then you may not find it easy to remove that using newspaper. I am not saying you cannot remove it, but you will need to put some extra efforts for that. You may need to rub it really hard and you may need to use a lot of liquid solution as well for the cleaning work. If you don’t have any issue with the hard work and if you are fine to give some extra time for the hard stain then you can use newspaper for windows cleaning. If that does not work well, then you can choose some other option and you can get it cleaned as per your choice.

Dissolve too quickly:

One of the biggest drawbacks of using a newspaper is that you may need to use a lot of it for windows cleaning. If you will use a cloth or other kind of fabric for same, then you can use only one cloth and you can use it as long as you want. But the newspaper will get dissolved quickly in the liquid solution and soon enough you will need to change it again. This might give you the feeling of frustration and sometime you may get irritation as well with it. So, if you are ok with this kind of irritation and you do not have any kind of such feelings, then you can use the newspaper else you should try to get some other option for same.

There are some other pros and cons associated with newspaper and windows cleaning and you can find them also with some research. But if you want to take your decision for a material to clean your glass windows, then I can certainly recommend you to use newspaper for that. As far as its cons are concerned, you can avoid that by taking some extra help from the protection gears or by people that can do it for you. And it is very cheap in terms of cost, so you can compensate other expenses with its cost instead of using any other solution or option for windows cleaning.



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