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How Much Does It Cost To Service My Aircon?

Living in Singapore warrants you to have an air conditioner in your homes or offices. The hot and humid weather that can be experienced most of the year makes working and moving about difficult unless you make your surrounding comfortable. A cool room not only makes working easy, it also relaxes you and reduces further stress. If you want to enjoy a cool environment and keep it that way, you need to take care of your air conditioning unit so that it can function efficiently while not burning a hole in your pocket due to high energy consumption. This is why you should always have your aircon serviced by reliable and certified technicians.

Aircon servicing covers various parts of the units. The simplest job done is a regular cleaning of the filters to remove clogs that put extra work on your unit and at the same time hinder sufficient cooling of the air. Dirty filters also blow dirty air to your room, thus, is unhygienic as well. Aircon servicing, of course, means extra cost. However, you should realize that proper maintenance would prevent early breakdown of you unit, which eventually will cost you more. A worse scenario is where you would have to replace your whole unit. Air conditioners do not come cheap and you would want to get the most of its serviceable life to get value for your investment. To help you make a budget for your regular aircon servicing, here is a short list of the current fees aircon technicians charge in Singapore.
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Normal Aircon Servicing Fan Coil/Condenser

This includes cleaning of the fan coils and outdoor condenser, clearing of the drainage pipes, and a check of the entire unit. After this, you can expect a cleaner and healthier air, an improved efficiency of your unit, and you can prevent any major breakdown. A single fan coil will cost you $40. For two to four fan coils, the fee will be based per coil at $35 each. For five or more fan coils, it will be $30 each.

Chemical Cleaning Coil/Condenser

Sometimes normal cleaning cannot improve the condition of your unit. This usually happens if you have not had your air conditioner cleaned for so long or if you have not used the unit for some time. This service involves the use of chemicals to thoroughly clean your unit. You will significantly see an increase in efficiency afterwards. This means that the air will be cooled sooner at low electricity consumption. This normally costs $80 per fan coil.

Aircon Overhaul Fan Coil

Aside from a thorough cleaning of filters, drain pan, blower wheel, fan blade, and piping, this also includes the checking of all components and replenishment of refrigerant. If your unit is overhauled and checked for any problem, you will greatly increase its life span. This will cost $150 per fan coil.


Sometimes you will hear noises coming from your unit or notice other abnormalities. In such cases, you can call a technician to troubleshoot the problem. You will be charged $50, but this will be waived off from the total cost of repairing the problem.


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Importance Of Reliable Air-con Service

Air-conditioner being machines undergo wear and tear with regular usage. To keep them
in tip-top condition, they need to be reviewed by experts where parts are checked and
maintained or repaired or replaced. This help to ensure that the air-conditioning unit
continues to work effectively over their expected life span or even over a prolonged life
span! Cars need to be serviced every six months or once a certain mileage is reached to
ensure road worthiness, air-conditioners similarly have to be serviced before any major
breakdown takes place. If any part of the air-conditioning unit is not operating properly,
it will no longer serve its purpose efficiently. For example, you may need to set at a lower
temperature for the same coolness previously experienced when the air-conditioner
was new resulting in higher electricity bill. Or you may hear noises coming from the
air-conditioning unit thereby disturbing your sleep or work. Or your eczema returns in
vengeance as the air circulating in your room is filthy. Worse, you may find water leaking
from the air-conditioner! To avoid these problems, you should service your air-conditioner
on a regular basis, about every 3 to 6 months. The various types of air-conditioner servicing
include general servicing which entails cleaning and lubricating of various parts, more
thorough cleaning where chemicals use is involved and topping of gas.

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How do we find reliable air-conditioner servicing companies?

You can find them from advertisement in the newspapers, via the internet or through your friends. Some
companies are authorized dealers of various brands of air-conditioners and provide air-
conditioners servicing of the said brands as well, others are independent air-conditioner
servicing companies or free-lance technicians.

As there are many air-conditioning servicing companies in the market, it is really difficult
to choose one without first setting some criteria. The following could be considered when
short-listing and ranking them:

Aircon Service & Servicing in Singapore Comparison

1. Cost –Compare costs of both ad hoc and package deals offered.
2. Experience – Determine how long the company has been providing the service and
the clients that they have.
3. Registered / authorized – Determine if the company is a registered one and if it is an
authorized agent to service the brand that you have or is just claiming to be able to
service the brand of your air-conditioner or merely free-lance technicians who may
not be able to provide reliable service
4. Accredited – You may wish to consider only those companies that received
accreditation from the authorities.
5. Advice –Determine their ability to give sound advice.
6. Warranty - Determine that it is provided and for a reasonable period. Then rank the
shortlisted companies according to the criteria set.

Finally choose the air-conditioner servicing company that best meets most of the criteria i.e.
an experienced company that can provide the most reliable service at reasonable cost with
warranty provided for work done.

So, get the best air-conditioner service companies to maintain your air-conditioning units
regularly to provide the cool refreshing air quietly that you are longing for!

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