Frequently Asked Questions

Is this really a one stop home/office services?

Yes, we are a one stop home services that provide in house services for our customers both residential and commercials but of course there are some things that we need to outsource like plumbing services but most of the things are FULLY in house service.

Are you charging the market price or cheaper for your service?

Yes, because most of our services are in house, we can afford to charge market rate for our services, if not cheaper.

Why create a one stop services?

We understand that more Singaporeans have lesser time to look for different types of home services, so we are created to save you time and bring you more value. We are created to save you time and money. We understand that after a hard day’s work, nobody likes to do housework, mop the floor, wash & iron the clothes etc. That is where we comes in handy!

Are you aircon technicians trained?

All our aircon technicians are 100% trained and very experience but you will need to book early to avoid disappointment.

Do you offer warranty after aircon servicing?

Yes, we do offer warranty for the different types of servicing.
General 30 days, Chemical 60 days & Overhaul 90 days.

Why are you charging $35 when I can buy $12 deals and coupons from the group buying site?

Think about it, if you purchase 2 units of aircon servicing with those deals website:
$12 x 2 = $24
$24 – Deals company 50% = $12

With rising Labor, COE, Fuel, Rental, Advertising, Training, Transport cost, can an aircon company survive with 2
men coming to your home to earn $12?

The answer is no!

So how can they make money? They will come to your house and might push sell you topping up of gas (even when not necessary),

They might push you chemical cleaning and chemical overhaul (even when not necessary), they might ask you to buy parts to repair your aircon (even when it is not faulty)

But why are they doing that?

You answered the question yourself, they cannot possibly survive with $12, that is just some of the ways people do a one-time business.

Here at @bsolute Solutions Pte Ltd, we never cross sell anything we feel is not necessary.
If your aircon require topping up of gas, we will recommend you and not push you.

If your aircon require chemical cleaning, we will recommend you and not push you.

If you ordered for chemical overhaul and topping up of gas and when our technician is there and found out that you don’t need any of those services,

we will honestly tell you and not sell for the sake of selling.

We are created to solve your problem and not bring you more problems.
We believed that honest and integrity walks a long way especially in the world of business today!

Why do i always need to book in advanced?

Because we are the leading cleaning company that specialized in spring cleaning and weekly cleaning, all our cleaners are trained and fully insured, that is the reason why we are very popular and most people recommend their friends to us. We serve as first come first serve basis.

Is carpet cleaning included in your part time cleaning services?

Yes, if you have a vacuum, you can request us to clean the carpet for you but if you want a full carpet wash, you can book for our professional carpet cleaning services where we use high tech machines to clean your carpet.

You can choose from carpet shampoo, dry carpet cleaning, carpet steaming & hot water extraction.

Do you do laundry?

Yes we do laundry pick-up and delivery at no extra charge but do take note that the minimum we charge is $30 taking into consideration  of rising fuel cost, property rental, COE, transport, labor cost and also the water, detergent needed to make this all work.

Other than cleaning services, what other services do you provide

Other than the professional cleaning services we offer, we also provide a one stop interior design & renovation services which includes, lighting, flooring, carpet, curtains, ceiling fan, painting services, window grilles & more.

What makes you stand out from your competitors?

We are created not only to bring the best value for our customers but also to save them time and money. The reason why we are so popular probably is because we take pride in what we do and we do it the best. If there is any complaint, we handle it immediately.

Most of our customers are returned customers and also referral customers.

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