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Reliable Disinfection services in Singapore
Reliable Disinfection services in Singapore


Looking for a reliable disinfection service? Singapore has a total of sixty-four islands, which makes it humid and offers a conducive breeding site for pests. Common pests that thrive in humid climates are cockroaches, flies, and ants that carry infection-causing germs. Therefore, disinfection services are vital to curbing the spread of infections from viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms.

Various institutions, like hospitals, colleges, restaurants, and laboratories, require frequent disinfection. Many residents, however, do not have a regular schedule. The coronavirus outbreak calls for more often disinfection schedules in all public places and even residential premises.

Disinfection service depends on various factors like the type of premises, whether it is residential or commercial premises. The type of infection you want to control will also dictate the disinfection service to apply. To avoid risks associated with a disinfection service, I would advise you to seek professional assistance.

Disinfection service in Singapore
Disinfection service in Singapore

A professional disinfectant service company should do a site survey of your premises before deciding the fees charged. Making a site visit helps the expert to determine the scope of work and appropriate equipment for the job. Make sure the disinfectant service covers the following areas as priorities depending on the premises.

  • Disinfect areas that people frequently touch like door handles window stays and curtain rails should be a priority when planning to disinfect.
  • Surfaces like tabletops, chairs, and cupboards require some attention.
  • Floors that have carpets need vacuuming to get rid of any harmful microorganisms.
  • Cleaning toilet dishes, taps and cisterns is another area that needs some focus.
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Let me take you through several guidelines that will help you select the best disinfection service in Singapore. You will need to look at the following guidelines before entering into a contract with a disinfection company.



Disinfection companies claim their products are a hundred percent effective during advertisements to lure clients into hiring them. The truth of the matter is that most products do not meet their standards. I, therefore, advise to check on various item usage, I will list some disinfectants and their effectiveness to guide you.

  • QUATERNARY AMMONIUM– they are low-cost compounds that kill a wide range of viruses and bacteria. Quaternary ammonium compounds are compatible with various detergents for effective cleaning and disinfection.
  • ALCOHOLS-a water and alcohol solution is a remedy for multiple bacteria though they are highly volatile and flammable
  • PHENOLIC COMPOUNDS– Very active on many bacteria, fungi, and viruses but highly corrosive on surfaces.

Please go through the various products and see how effective they are before hiring a disinfectant service provider.



Check how the disinfectant service handles airborne viruses and other microorganisms. Most companies disinfect various services but often forget to deal with the airborne virus. There are several ways of coping with airborne microorganisms like aerating rooms for long hours. Another way is using hydroxyl radicals that make airborne micro organisms inactive. Your disinfection company should at least have a plan of addressing airborne particles in their work plan.


After disinfecting your premises, it is not usually possible to know by just looking at whether the exercise was useful. You need to hire a disinfection company that can perform a test on their method of disinfection. Various hospitals use adenosine triphosphate to perform cleanliness tests. Therefore, an excellent disinfection service should include tests.

Office disinfection in progress
Office disinfection in progress


The next thing you need to check is the process the disinfection service provider applies before you start an engagement. You cannot have a company that begins on disinfection without cleaning the surfaces. Areas that are prone to touching like doorknobs have biofilm coatings that disinfectant cannot penetrate without washing first.

Failure to clean surfaces is an indication of poorly trained staff. A disinfection service without the right personal protective equipment opens a health hazard loophole to you and the company. Always choose disinfection service that has the right gear.

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Another factor to consider while choosing a disinfection service is looking for a company with a certificate of insurance. A certified company gives an assurance of compensation in case any unforeseen event occurs during disinfection. Some activities that may arise during disinfection are fire and irritation due to chemicals in many disinfectants.


Hire a company that offers services that are commensurate with what they are charging. A costly disinfection service will make your life unbearable for the next few months. On the other hand, please do not hire a company due to low charges because you may receive low-quality services.

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