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@bsolute Solutions is truly a one stop solution to all types of home services.
I have my cleaning done by them, home painted by them, aircon repaired by them
and they even did my home moving. I find them very professional and I will be using them again for sure.
Mr Tony (Tampines)
@bsolute Solutions
I got my window grilles and curtains done by @bsolute Solutions Pte Ltd.
The salesman came and recommend me that i instralled aluminium window grilles
and also curtains for my living room and roller blinds for my rooms. I am very staisfed with their service and workmanship. I will surely recommend them to my friends and relatives.
Miss Evelyn Yeo (Edgefield Plains)
@bsolute Solutions Pte Ltd


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@bsolute Solutions Pte Ltd! 1 Stop Solution for All types of Residential & Commercials Services

@bsolute Solutions Pte Ltd provide quality home services as well as commercial services. We provide a huge range of services such as aircon services, cleaning services, carpet cleaning, laundry delivery, dry cleaning, part time maid, moving services, painting services, curtains & blinds installation, carpet & wood flooring, lighting, window grilles & gate installation.


Ultimate Choice For Cleaning Services in Singapore

Your One Stop Solution for All Types of Residential & Commercials Services in Singapore
We Specialize in:
Part Time Maid
Aircon Services
Aircon Servicing
House Cleaning Services
Kitchen Cabinets & Carpentry
Carpet Cleaning
Office Carpet Cleaning
Movers and Transport
Painting Services
Laundry Dry Cleaning Services
Wrought Iron Gate
Aluminium window grilles
Curtains & Blinds
General Home Services
We Are Specialists in
home services
Aircon Services
Cleaning Services
Part Time Maid
Moving Services
Tick Carpet Cleaning
Tick Laundry & Dry Cleaning
Painting Services
Curtains & Blinds
Carpet & Wood Flooring
Lighting & Ceiling Fan
Window Grilles & Gates

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One Stop Home Cleaning, Maintenance
& Interior Design, Renovation Company

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