Curtains & Blinds

Love curtains or blinds? If you walk into a house and find no curtains or blinds hanging at its windows, you will simply feel unwelcomed to the place. The house will look drab, dreary and lacking in ness that a home should possess.

Curtain brings out the warmth in a home. Depending on the nature of material and designs chosen, they can also bring out the luxurious feel in a home. Curtains can be placed in any rooms i.e. living rooms, bedrooms, study and even in offices. Besides adding grandeur to your abode or office, curtains serve the purpose of cutting off scorching sunlight into your room or office too. By drawing the curtains, they can protect your furniture and other items from the damaging effect of direct sunlight. Furthermore, they help to keep the rooms cooler and less energy consumption is required when the air conditioner is run. You can hang both day and night curtains.

Day curtains are made of thinner, usually translucent material, they reduce the glare and heat but your room is still bright enough to allow you to read or perform other activities with sufficient privacy. Night curtain is made of thicker materials and black out curtains use materials that reduce a greater intensity of heat and light. By drawing them, you can have a restful sleep, even during the day! Thick curtains are also used in offices, especially urban offices which have large windows, are subject to sun rays all day. Besides reducing heat and glare to achieve greater comfort in your homes and offices, thick curtains help to reduce noises from the exterior to some extent, especially useful for those rooms that are facing noises e.g. from the traffic but without scenic views.

Whilst curtains add elegance to the rooms, more efforts are required to maintain the cleanliness of the curtains. You or your contractor, in the case of office, need to take down the curtains, say at least once a year, to send them for washing and then re-hanging them again. So, if you have no helper, you may consider installing a mixture of curtains and blinds in your homes and offices. For example, you can install curtains in your living rooms and board rooms for your offices and install blinds in other rooms and general office instead.

Blinds serve the same purpose as curtains in the respect of reducing heat and light. Blinds come in different designs too e.g. bamboo blind, which has a rustic feel is suitable for outdoor setting, roman blind looks elegant in bed rooms, roller blinds are suitable for study room and office setting and venetian blinds can be installed in outdoor or indoor setting. You can also install two sets of roller blinds of different materials, so that you can draw one or both, to let in different amount of light each time. Blinds are generally easy to maintain, especially the non-fabric ones, where you could just dust them every now and then.

Curtains and blinds is a must in all homes and offices to keep the rooms cool and add a touch of opulence and enhance the overall design of your home as well as the professional image of your office. Install them now if you don’t already have them!

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