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Where & How I can Find Good Painting Service?

There are various types of house painters available in the market – free-lance ones, those that are registered companies that paint houses for individuals or for town councils and those professional painting services provided by the paint companies.

In making a choice, you have to determine your criteria. For example, is cost the only criterion? If this is the case, then I believe, free-lance painters will offer you a better rate. However, are they your friends or recommended by your friends? Even if they are, could you be assured of their standard of painting? Are they able to offer you any advice if you want to adopt a certain theme for your house? Do they ensure that your furniture is properly moved to facilitate painting? Will they ensure the furniture, computers, floors and display items are properly covered when painting? What type of paint are they using and how many coats of paint would they use to ensure that the painting work will last for a reasonable period of time?

If you are concerned about the standard of work and reliability of free-lance painters then you should consider those that are provided by the paint companies or seek out independent licensed painting companies.

You can find a house painter by visiting the paint companies e.g. Dulux or Nippon Paint, personally or via their website. These paint companies provide professional painting service. In addition, they are able to advise you the colours to use based on the themes that you desired for the respective rooms. They will also produce a digital visual of your painted room before you made a final decision. The limitation lies in the range of colours available as you are being constraint by the brand of paint you have chosen.

Painting Service & Painters in Singapore

In the case of independent painting companies, they could be recommended by your friends, interior designer or contractor or shortlisted via surfing the internet. The advantage of using such painting companies is you can have a wider selection of colours as you can choose from the catalogues of various brands of paint. Hence, it is easier to find your desired colours. If they are enlisted through your interior designer (ID), then your ID will also do a digital visual of your room with the paint of your choice. If you did not employ an interior designer, you would have to make the decision based on the colours shown on the catalogue and probably with some limited advice given by the
painting company.

Besides the size of the house, the painting cost mainly depends on the type of paint and the number of colours selected and if there is any mixing of colours. By enlisting a registered company discussed in the above two paragraphs, you would be assured of higher standard of work performed by them. Besides giving you sound advice and providing good protection of your house during painting, they will also ensure that your house is properly cleaned up and furniture moved back to their original place after the job is done. Their professionalis

How Much Does It Cost To Paint HDB In Singapore?

If you want to stay in a place where luxury meets functionality at its best HDB flats in Singapore will be the ideal option. Reliable and reputed HDB painting service providers will help you to maintain your flat in the best manner because they will improve the aesthetic appeal of your building with quality painting works.

First of all, they will identify the needs of the customers and they will come up with valuable and effective suggestions that complement the requirements of the customers. If you are a proud owner of an HDB flat in Singapore you should conduct proper research and preparation to find out the best company and responsible companies will always finish the work within the stipulated time. The flooring and furnishings will have to be protected in the best possible manner during the painting works and skilled and competent professionals will take care of all these aspects with utmost efficiency. Great amount of cost effectiveness can only be associated with top quality HDB reliable painting companies.

How much does it cost to paint HDB flat in Singapore? Top quality painting service providers will always focus on delivering a perfect combination of quality and affordability and they will offer free quotes or estimates to the customers to bring the much required transparency in the entire process. The expenses involved with painting a 3 room HDB & 4 room HDB flat will stand in between $720 and $1380 and the task will be finished within a day or two. Various factors influence the cost and they include the size of the building and number of rooms. You will have to spend in between $820 and $1580 for a 5 room HDB flat and quality professionals will complete the task within 1 or 2 days.

The cost of painting an HDB EA (single storey) will be in between $1020 and $1680 and the entire work will be completed within 2 to 4 days. Reliable HDB painting companies will finish the task of painting HDB EA (double storey) within 2 to 4 days and the expenses involved will be in between $1480 and $1980. These expenses will cover all types of works including surface preparation and quality companies will help you to select the most suitable painting materials as well.

Using quality painting materials will improve the durability and all these steps will enhance the visual beauty of your flat in the best possible manner. When you become aware of the expenses involved before the commencement of the work you will get ample time to prepare well for the painting works to be performed. That is exactly where the importance of hiring a top quality HDB painting service provider like @bsolute Solutions Pte Ltd comes in because all these benefits will become a reality with this truly unique company.

Reputed HDB painting contractors have come up with extremely beneficial warranty schemes to safeguard the interests of the customers in an affordable manner and giving great importance to the schedule and convenience of the customers can only be associated with reliable painting service providers. These companies offer residential as well as commercial painting services to suit the varying requirements of different customers and all your valuable properties will be handled with utmost responsibility as well. In a nutshell, it can be said that the entire process will become a less complicated one when you hire reputed and competent painting contractors.

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