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Some said installing window grilles in your house is like converting your home into a prison as you will feel caged-in. Truly, if you are staying on high floors and without windows grilles installed, you would have an unblocked view of the expanse of the sky, you can also enjoy the enchanting view of the stars at night and the ever changing clouds formation any time of the day as well as the breath-taking city view from afar. However, if there are young children
at home, installing windows grilles is no longer an option; indeed you must install windows grilles to keep your children safe lest they wander near the windows. Seriously, you can’t watch the children at all times hence it is only wise to be safe than to be sorry. Furthermore, if you are staying in landed homes or on low floors or even on high floors where there is a possibility of access via windows e.g. your unit is situated along common corridors, having
window grilles is probably the only of keeping intruders away.

Next, installing gates is definitely a must in all households. Gates serve as an effective deterrent for any potential intruders. For landed properties, there would be driveway gate and gates in front of each door i.e. the main and back door. For non-landed properties, gates should be installed to accompany the door for security reasons too. Besides, having gate facilitates your interaction with strangers who may come knocking at your door and yet
without compromising your safety as you are guarded from the danger of them entering into your premises. Furthermore, having gates allow you to leave your main door open for the breeze and ventilation in your home and yet without the fear of strangers entering your home anytime.

Types of window grilles & gates - Materials explanation

There are various types of window grilles and gates available. Window grilles are usually made of iron, wrought iron, aluminium or stainless steel cable, commonly known as ‘invisible grilles’ in the market. Gates are made of metal, usually iron or wrought iron. Aluminium is a light and soft metal but is rust-proof with bars constructed horizontally, vertically or
diagonally. They are usually powder coated in white, silver or brown etc. The stainless steel cables are said to be ‘invisible’ as these steel cables are strung vertically and at certain angles, the steel cables cannot be seen clearly, hence appeared invisible. It provides the necessary safety required and yet to a certain extent, allows you to have a seamless view of the exterior as well. Iron / wrought iron are strong metals and hence should be used if
security is a concern. Furthermore, intricate designs can be made if wrought iron is chosen for gates or windows grille e.g. floral, marine or any other desired design as agreed with the supplier, without compromising on security. These designs would also complement the aesthetics of your home. Iron / wrought iron have to be painted or powder coated to prevent rust from forming.

Whatever design and types of gates and window grilles you choose, the key purpose is to ensure safety and security of your home. So install them for the peace of mind that you definitely need!

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